I strive to help customers understand their culture, goals and challenges in order to produce targeted, effective PR and communications tailored for each and every project.
With Patchwork you won’t get the blanket treatment.


About Patchwork

Patchwork Media Consultancy is owned and run by Val Proctor, a former journalist turned communications and PR professional.

After a varied media career in South Africa, which included stints on newspapers, in-house corporate communications and finally as a freelance PR, Val came to the UK in 2001.

She was initially involved in schools marketing, working as a press officer and communications specialist for a variety of senior and prep day and boarding schools and as the Communications and Marketing Manager for a group of academies. Val now runs Patchwork Media Consultancy, offering PR, copywriting and marketing services to a range of clients, including in the education, technology and charity sectors. She loves to combine her appetite for travel with writing and has had a number of freelance articles commissioned.

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How can I help?

Do you want more local or national media coverage whilst minimising your advertising spend? Or do you simply want better communications with your staff and customers?

Call me now on 07881 385510 and I can tell you how. I am based in beautiful Tetbury, Gloucestershire, and specialise in communications and PR solutions for a wide range of industries.

Whether you need a full communications campaign, a marketing strategy, help with the content on your website, social media planning, or you simply need a one-off press release to highlight a new product or service, I can help. Excellent customer service is my priority, whether you are a small, family-owned business or part of a wider organisation. I have particular expertise in the education and technology markets.

Strategy and Reputation guidance

I can help with a marketing and communications strategy, recommending what you should do, when to do it and why you should do it. What to do, what to say or not to say, when and why.

Press Office function and proactive news generation

I can handle all media enquiries and relationships on your behalf. This includes placing editorial, setting up media interviews and booking advertising.

Social media strategy and management

Engaging with users of new media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc to manage your online presence, customer reviews and news.

Website management

Websites are a vital tool for all businesses but so many demonstrate a lack of professionalism with grammatical and spelling errors and bad design. I can advise you on how best to present the face of your company to the world, providing an editing and proof-reading service that will enhance your customer footfall.


FEATURE: Lifetime Training
PROJECT: Strategy Whitepaper
SKILLS: Copywriting

EXCERPT: “Talent management has evolved into a common and essential management practice covering a multitude of areas including organisational capability, individual development, performance enhancement…”


FEATURE: Royal Osteoporosis Society
PROJECT: Public affairs
SKILLS: Writing

EXCERPT: A policy document that appeared on PoliticsHome about how Fracture Liaison Services could save the NHS.



FEATURE: Altuity
SKILLS: Copywriting

EXCERPT: “As a site or facilities manager, you’ll understand the continual challenges you face to ensure that you provide a means for other staff to easily record on-site issues, followed up by an equally easy method of getting the right work done…”



FEATURE: Pizza & pomodoro in Puglia
PROJECT: Freelance travel
SKILLS: Writing

EXCERPT: “For everything you read about driving in Italy, only the reality can bring it home. Little did I know that I would be taking my life – and my family’s – in my hands when I agreed to hire a car for our 10-day holiday in southern Italy this Summer…”


FEATURE: Osteoporosis FAQs
PROJECT: FAQ booklet
SKILLS: Copywriting and copyediting

EXCERPT: This is a booklet compiled to answer some commonly asked questions for people who have the condition of osteoporosis.


FEATURE: Independent Education Today
PROJECT: Are facilities a secret weapon?
SKILLS: Writing

EXCERPT: “A look at whether groundbreaking facilities are a USP for private schools…”


FEATURE: Education Technology
PROJECT: Learning lessons from VLEs
SKILLS: Writing

EXCERPT: I find out how VLEs have adapted to a modern learning environment, and why they remain an important part of student engagement.




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